Sunday, July 29, 2012

Magic Space Pod

Bonnie had a good day today.  After a couple days of fussiness and acting like she just didn't feel good (along with high heart rate and respiratory rate), they decided to try tweaking her feedings a bit.  They had added a protein supplement to increase calories, but apparently that can be hard on little baby bellies.  Today was her first day without it, and she seemed *much* happier.  She also got to try out her special chair from outer space.  Not really.  It's a Mamaroo (check it out), and she seems to like it.  (This one belongs to the NICU.  We also have one of our very own to use at home.)

She did like it, I promise.  This is just her fussing before falling asleep.  I included this picture because it's kinda funny and when Henry saw it, he said, "Bonnie mad!" Hehe.


  1. Go Bonnie!! She looks like she's doing great :-) Keep up the good work, little fighter :-)

  2. That seat is AWESOME! We needed one of those for Jacob at the hospital! If I was rich I would donate a ton of them to Seattle Children's. It is so sad when babies are crying and there is no one there to hold them. :( So glad Bonnie is doing well! The protein thing is interesting. I wonder if that's what was upsetting Jacob's stomach so much. Hmmmm...

  3. Aww this is such a cutey!!