Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just kidding about yesterday. Sincerely, Bonnie's kidneys.

We're still fighting the battle to depuff Bonnie.  She's pretty pitiful looking still, but was stable today as far as vital signs, blood gases, etc.  Her kidneys decided to go back into hiding yet again as far as making urine, but her electrolyte levels are improving, which, according to the dialysis nurse, is supposedly a sign that they're doing *something*.  By the way, never in a million years did I think that with CDH--basically a lung and heart issue--I would have to worry about kidney function.  So many fun little surprises along this journey, eh?

In other news, the surgeon popped in today to say that unless Bonnie gets rid of a *lot* of fluid between now and Thursday (two days from now), that he won't plan to do her repair surgery until Monday.  Totally fine with me.

Sooo prayer requests!  We need Bonnie's kidneys to get a move on, for real this time.  We'd like for her to be able to come down a little on her ventilator settings.  Please pray that her lungs continue to look good on x-ray--no more pneumonia or anything crazy like that.  Her chest tube has been draining a *lot* (400 cc yesterday), and the surgeon would like to see that slow down.  And I miss seeing her sweet little eyes...she couldn't open them now if she wanted to because of all the swelling.


  1. Love you sweet friend! Thank you for taking time to update. So many of us are praying everywhere, but especially back here in Greenville!

  2. First thing I do every morning is check for updates on sweet Bonnie. Next thing I do is start praying and then keep praying all day. I hate that this is such a long journey for all of you. We miss you and we send our love to all of you. Praying for pee pee and depuffing!

  3. Well - the pee-pee dance worked for a baby at work today. So Hopefully it's working for Bonnie as well.

    NICU nurse, Chicago