Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another February 2nd

February 2nd has been an important day to me for two years now.  It's the day in 2012 that Bonnie was diagnosed with CDH, when she looked something like this:

She's been through a thing or two since then, and has now become my crazy post-nap hair, cracker-eating sofa companion.  These are from today. 

She's been doing pretty well since my last post, with a cold or ear infection thrown in here and there.  That's one side effect of being in daycare, but she's handled her illnesses like a champ (i.e. no need for extra oxygen or hospitalization) and is learning a ton, so I think it's worth it.  

On a daily basis, she reminds us why we've nicknamed her the Villain.  She's a climber and gets into everything (loves to knock the clock off the TV stand to where we can't reach it, if you want one example), and when we try to correct her or tell her no, she starts giggling about it. 100% villain behavior.  Not real sure how that's going to work when she's a teenager, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  She's also got a temper and can throw a *serious* tantrum.  She's still a little behind on her language skills, which causes frustration, which leads to a lot of screaming and stomping when we can't figure out what she wants.  She's in speech therapy and is making some good progress, so hopefully her frustration will decrease as her language increases.

Having said all that, she is so much fun.  She loves animals and making animal sounds.  Her favorite seems to be cats--"mao! mao!" (as in Chairman).  My personal favorite is her snake sound--"tssss!"  She also loves to dance.  She wants to do anything her brother is doing.  Four seconds ago, for example, she was bonking me on the head with a piece of cardboard because she had just seen him do it.  She loves books, loves her blanket, and is a champion sleeper.

Here are a few more recent photos.

Henry was in time out for some infraction against Bonnie.  She came over to visit.

Helping out with the Christmas lights.

Bonnie and Zander.

Mama and Bonnie.

Furious baby.

Happy baby with a book!

Doing some reading.
Hard to tell with a still shot, but she's dancing here.

So, happy February 2nd, everybody!  We have lots to be thankful for.