Monday, July 2, 2012

Answered prayers.

Good news!  Bonnie started peeing today!  (Crazy the things I get excited about nowadays.)   It's still not a lot, but it's better than the past couple days, so we'll take it. Yay Bonnie!  Still on dialysis, the pump of which looks like a miniature version of her ECMO pump.  And, like ECMO, we're glad to have it, but we'll be glad to kick it to the curb.

 In other good news, her chest x-ray this morning looked awesome.  Nice and clear, and we could even see her left lung (the smaller one).  She had good blood pressure all day today, too.  She's on a couple steroids (hydrocortisone and dexamethasone), which are likely helping with this.  The steroids are also being helpful in other ways that I can't recall (but you doctor/pharmacist types in the crowd feel free to speculate).

Blood gases today were decent.  They did have to adjust her ventilator settings a couple times when the CO2 levels got high, but they never got *super* high.

As far as her repair surgery (originally scheduled for today--postponed due to Bonnie's shenanigans), they're talking about doing it sometime late this week. Maybe Thursday or Friday.  She's still super puffy, which, for one thing, would make an incision really hard to close.  So she needs to depuff--but our friend the dialysis pump is working on that as we speak.  Also, the surgeon wants her to be a little lower on her ventilator settings so that there's room to go up if she needs more respiratory support.  Both of these goals could reasonably be met by the end of the week, so we're hoping Bonnie doesn't throw her doctors any more curve balls.

Overall a good day.  Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts, everybody. :)


  1. So glad to hear good news! Ive been thinking of her all the time. I love to see the updates (especially the good ones). Keep fighting Bonnie!

  2. Oh how I have prayed for pee. And celebrated every little cc that dropped into that bag. I remember spending hours just staring at it, willing it to fill. I will continue praying for Bonnie's pee too. So glad to hear her chest x-ray was clear. Slow and steady, baby girl. We love you!

  3. Oh my goodness, soooo much to be thankful for today!!!! She is taking this like a true iron girl...she knows this is an endurance race so she is pacing herself and making sure the docs don't push her faster than what she is ready for. I think her pee pee is the most special pee pee i've ever heard about! We are cheering for you in the Hutchison house, sweet bonnie!!!

  4. Go, Bonnie!! Pee is a wonderful, blessed thing... yet another example of things we will NEVER AGAIN take for granted!
    Cheers to some kick-started kidneys, and here's to surgery day soon!
    Much love.