Tuesday, October 8, 2013

16 months old!

Bonnie turned 16 months old yesterday!  Since my last update, she's been a busy girl.  She started daycare in August (and we said goodbye to our fabulous nanny Julie), which has been great for her.  She is now a proficient walker--and runner...and climber--so she was discharged from physical therapy a few weeks ago.  She started speech therapy two-ish months ago, and has made some really good progress there.  She is understanding a lot of what is said to her, and she's starting to say a few words as well.  Her main communication right now is sign language, and she's so flippin cute when she signs.  She doesn't know a ton of signs, but the ones she does know revolve around eating.  That's right! Eating!  My non-eater is eating!  She's been in feeding therapy since she was about four months old, and it all finally started to click about three months ago.  Right now she gets about 70% of her calories through her g tube, but we are working closely with her nutritionist and are actively weaning her from the tube.  The other morning I went to get her out of bed, and the first thing she did was the sign for "eat."  So so proud of my baby!
Bonnie hearts you.

Poor Zander had to wear a cone for awhile.  He was further tormented by the baby.

Enjoying a nice breeze. Or trying to fly.

Unlocked the cage all by herself, climbed in, and had a chat with the dog.

Playing in the water!

This moment *right here* is when Bonnie caught on to the whole food thing.  She's munching on bacon at Cracker Barrel.

Bacon day.

Sweetness with Dado.

Eating crackers!

Eating Cheerios!

She was having trouble getting around on her little trike, so big brother helped.

And these are from today. She was helping me unload the dishwasher...and eating :)