Friday, July 13, 2012

Christmas in July

That's what it felt like when I walked in today after a day at the hospital with Bonnie.  I came home to a package sent by the folks from work (Developmental Pediatrics and Pediatric Neurology--hi y'all!).  Opened it up to find all this:

I was totally blown away.  So much love and support from my work family, even though they're 3 hours away and haven't met Bonnie yet.  A lot of this stuff was for Henry, which he was super thrilled about too.  His birthday has been going on for about a week now :)  Thanks work folks, you made my day.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Bonnie continues to amaze and astound.  She has started giving the briefest flickers of a smile (which I have yet to catch on camera).  I thought I saw a smile yesterday, but it was confirmed when I walked in today and Bonnie's nurse said that she had seen a few smiles today too.  After all those days of ECMO when it almost didn't feel like there was a baby in there, Bonnie has decided to make up for lost time and make her personality known.  She's still on a tiny bit of oxygen via her nasal cannula, but that was being weaned today.  She got her arterial line removed this afternoon, so one less tube to be attached to. Hurray!  She's up to 2 ml/hour on her feedings and is tolerating that well so far.  Her versed was weaned a bit today and so far so good, but it can take awhile (12ish hours, I'm told) before withdrawal symptoms show up after a wean.

Here are a couple pictures from today.


  1. Hurray for our amazing God who loves little Bonnie so much. Hurray for you and Jonathan who are being such a good mommy and daddy. Hurray for Bonnie who is showing herself to be such a strong little cutie!

  2. She looks lovely!! Way to go Bonnie, on to more better things.

  3. This is so incredibly good-I finally figured out how to sign in-we have been praying all the way and reading everything. We love you and Jonathan and Henry and the BEE.
    Thanking God for his tremendous mercy and the staff for their beautiful work and care!!
    David and Pam

  4. Dear Leslie, so happy to hear that Bonnie is rocking it. Amazing to think where she was such a short time ago - ECMO and dialysis - and now she is extubated and has been in her mama's arms and she is learning to breathe and eat. I know just what you mean about those days that you weren't sure she was in there... such beautiful blessings all around.

    Corinne, mama to Samuel, lcdh