Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just checking in.

Still doing well in Bonnie Land.  Her medications are still being weaned with minimal problems on her end.  Hopefully within the next week or so she'll be off her drips (fentanyl and versed) and can be on scheduled doses.  Her occupational therapists are still working on some oral motor exercises to help overcome her oral aversion (due to being intubated for 5 weeks) so that she can eat by mouth eventually.  Still on a tiny bit of oxygen.  (80% of the sentences in the preceding paragraph contain the word "still".  We're in the slow progress phase of our journey.)

Her heartrate has been a touch on the high side for the past few days with no other obvious issues.  The only thing it seems to correlate with is temperature--when she gets too warm, it goes up.  They checked her hematocrit and it was good (36), so that wasn't the problem.  No signs of infection or anything, so nobody's too concerned.

Her cry is definitely getting stronger these past few days.  It's probably at 75% of normal baby volume.  Way to go, Bonnie!

This week Jonathan's folks have been keeping Henry while we're at the hospital, but of course they got some snuggle time with Bonnie as well.

Bonnie and Buddy (Jonathan's dad).

Smiles for Buddy.

Snuggling with Nan (Jonathan's stepmom).

Pretty girl.

Smiling at her friends (i.e. the mobile).


  1. Bonnie sure is full of smiles :)

  2. Beautiful girl! This slow phase stinks. Hang in there!