Thursday, July 19, 2012

NICU fashion.

The big Thursday event this week is that Bonnie got to wear clothes for the first time today!  We came in to see Bonnie today and found that her lovely nurse Meghan had done this:

Isn't she cute?!

The update from the ENT evaluation is that she has a paralyzed right vocal cord.  This should resolve eventually, but it could take several months.  Her cry is getting a little stronger but it's still really soft.

She's back to continuous feeds through her NG tube (20 cc/hour).  She had been getting 45ish ccs over an hour and then off for two hours.  She had some throwing up last night, so they backed off to the continuous feeds.

Bonnie started getting a little puffy last night (nowhere near as bad as when she was on ECMO), so she got a dose of Lasix to help depuff, which helped.  They decided to give her Lasix daily to help with her tendency to puff.

We're still enjoying the heck out of snuggling with our girl.  She's a cuddly bundle of squishiness that I can't get enough of.

Hard to believe that just a month ago we were here:

So many praises to the One who has gotten us through.


  1. I always love reading your updates. This one really makes me smile! God is good! <3

  2. So lovely in her kiddie couture! She is doing so well!!

  3. She is a DOLL! So great how she is doing

  4. She is so stinkin cute! Glad she's doing so well.

  5. Isn't she gorgeous!!!! OMG such a cutey. Good luck Bonnie.