Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"We need at least two more days of this."

Of good behavior, that is.  Finally, *finally* we seem to be making a little progress.  Bonnie's x-ray looked good this morning. Praise the Lord.  She's back on dopamine for her low blood pressure, and the prevailing opinion seems to be that she'll need to stay on it at least until she gets off ECMO.  Overall, her blood pressure today was good.  There is a lot being done to keep it that way, but being on meds for blood pressure is much preferable to being on ECMO.

They're weaning her ECMO flow very slowly at this point and tinkering with ventilator settings as well to keep her right lung open (still can't tell much about the left lung, although the word on the street is that they could hear breath sounds on the left side today).

So, when Dr. Jenkins came in today she looked pleased and said that she was happy with Bonnie's progress and that she needs at least another couple days like this and then we can talk about getting off ECMO.  We could really use your prayers that Bonnie continues to improve so that this can happen.  Her lungs need to stay clear, her blood pressure needs to stay up, and her blood gases need to be good.  I really believe that her good day today was an answer to the hundreds of prayers I know have been lifted up on her behalf--thank you thank you thank you to everyone who prayed for, sent good vibes to, or even thought about Bonnie in the past 24 hours (and her whole life, really).  Please continue.  And praise Him--the Healer, the Great Physician--for getting her this far.

Also many praises to God that our sweet little buddy Jude Morrison finally went home from the hospital today!!  Many of you follow this blog through Jude's, but in case you don't know his story, he was born on December 6, 2011 with CDH.  He's been through just about every possible complication, but by God's grace and with countless thousands of prayers, he made it!  We are so thrilled for him, but even more thrilled for his parents, Rose and Brian, that they finally get to take their little boy home.  So happy for you guys :)


  1. Thinking of Bonnie and sending all the good thoughts for her to have more good days to come.\


  2. So happy to see that she's had a good day. We'll keep praying for more of these.