Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A few pictures.

One of Bonnie's nurses made her this sweet sign the other day. 

Here she is with her eyes open.  This is from a couple days ago, and she's still really puffy from the ECMO.

This is from today--our sweet sleepy girl.  She's starting to de-puff, but she still has a lot of extra fluid--hence the oddly shaped head.  It'll go back to regular round baby head in a few days :)  To give you a tour of all the tubes and such, in the upper right corner next to her right ear are the cannulas (technically cannulae, I'm sure, but whatever) for the ECMO.  Going into her mouth, the top two tubes are suctioning air and gunk out of her stomach and bowel, and the bottom tube is her endotracheal tube, which is attached to the ventilator.  In her belly button is an arterial line which continuously measures her blood pressure--very handy.  The little sticker on her chest is measuring heart rate (I think--could also be respiratory rate).  There are also a few other gadgets connected to her that you can't see in the picture.

Aaaaand here we have Bonnie and Jonathan.  Sweet, eh?


  1. I love seeing the beautiful pictures. Thinking of you and sending prayers for strength and patience for you and healing for Baby Bee.

  2. Love her - Can't wait to hold her.

  3. She is absolutely precious. I just found your blog today. It is very encouraging. I found out 3 days ago (at 21 weeks too) that I am expecting a CDH baby. I am beyond terrified. You have been so calm and collected as I read every single one of your blogs. I pray I can find the peace that you had during your pregnancy. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I will pray for you and your baby, too. The other blogs Leslie linked to are also very helpful. From Baby Bee's grandmother.