Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another quick update and some pictures

So, the quick update is this.  They ended up putting Bonnie on the jet ventilator because of her CO2 levels.  This is likely because of all the fluid she had to get to keep her blood pressure up during the decannulation--causing her lungs to get sort of congested and the ventilator to be less effective.  Once they can get her fluid volume situation straightened out, she should be okay.  Please continue to pray over the next few days that she does well off ECMO.  We would love for her to be back on the conventional ventilator by surgery day--currently schedule for next Monday.

And now, some pictures.  First, we have the ECMO machine.  It's enormous, and this is just before it got to take a hike.

Here's Bonnie and me.  This is just a couple hours before she came off ECMO. Sweet girl.

And here's Bonnie off ECMO!  The giant tubes o' blood used to be attached to the right side of her neck.  Not anymore!

Bonnie and Daddo (as Henry calls him).  He looks super happy because his baby is off that blasted machine. :)

And just because he's adorable, here's Henry.


  1. Oh thank you LORD! I have been praying all day for little baby B! Give her a kiss from everyone out there praying! I pray for a peaceful night for you all and to be off the Jet Vent soon

  2. So happy for Little Bonnie! What a beautiful girl!

  3. Good news. Yayyy. Great going. Sending positive thoughts your way.


  4. Great news! Keep up the hard work Bonnie!