Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If you're an insomniac...

I happen to not be, but if *you* are and you're awake at any point in the night tonight, please send a little prayer up for Bonnie Bee.  Her doctors are thinking that she's getting close to being able to come off ECMO, so they've decided to do an extended low flow trial.  They started it around 3 p.m. today (Thursday) and will continue all night tonight and into tomorrow morning.  If that goes well, they'll do a clamp off trial (where she's completely off the ECMO circuit and just being supported by the ventilator) for an hour or so.  If she does okay with that, she'll most likely be decannulated sometime tomorrow afternoon.

When we left the hospital this evening, she had been on the low flow for about three hours, and her blood gases were still good.  They had to turn up her ventilator settings a little after the first blood gas because her CO2 was starting to get too high, but after that adjustment, she started doing well.

We got a new neonatologist today (those folks have some kind of crazy rotation schedule), so no more of our beloved Dr. Jenkins for awhile.  The new doc we'll call Dr. A, who we had been warned about.  He's advertised as being brilliant but not being especially warm and fuzzy or encouraging.  Let's just say that I found this to be true.  I think I can learn to like him as long as he keeps doing good things for Bonnie, though.  :)

We are thrilled that Bonnie has gotten a good start to her low flow trial.  Please pray that she continues to do well overnight.  The real test, though, will be the clamp off trial in the morning.  She *has* to do well on that to come off ECMO.  There are several reasons why it's important for her to get off ECMO soon, but the main one as far as I'm concerned is that the current plan is to do her hernia repair early next week whether she's still on it or not.  Major surgery while on ECMO (and the accompanying blood thinners) isn't what we want.

So.  If you happen to be awake for any brief moments in the night tonight, we would love for you to think of Bonnie.  Thanks, friends.


  1. We will be praying for her tonight.
    Andrew and Kim Armstrong

  2. Have been following your blog and always check for updates. I will be sending up some prayers and good thoughts! I know the stress of going through a trial-off. It can be overwhelming, but it sounds like Bonnie is doing such a good job! Our little boy had several trials before successfully coming off of ECMO, so hang in there. I will continue to pray for you guys.

  3. I have recently become an insomniac and I'll be up praying for Bonnie! I haven't been to bed yet, so there's still lots of praying time! We miss you and pray for you all everyday!

  4. Praying for Bonnie and all of you!

    Mev McCurdy

  5. Lots of prayers for Little Bonnie and all of you! Praying for low CO2 levels and all things good!


  6. Sending the most positive thought your way and to little Bonnie. Come on Bonnie, you can do it. All the best to be off ECMO.


  7. Praying for Bonnie and for continuing strength for you and your husband.