Friday, June 29, 2012

First full day off ECMO

It was a pretty good day today.  Bonnie is happily and steadily chugging along off ECMO, with good blood gases, good oxygen saturations, and not-great-but-we'll-take-it blood pressure.  She's still on the jet ventilator, but they've been able to wean her settings ever so slightly.  The consensus is that any changes need to be made slooowly, because she doesn't like to pushed.  Bonnie was extremely puffy today due to all the fluid she's had to have to get her blood pressure up, but she's starting to have some urine output (none at all for the past couple weeks on ECMO, which is an expected side effect), so that should help eventually.

The plan right now is still to do her repair surgery on Monday.  I admit I'm nervous about it, because to this point, any little procedure seems to throw her off track for at least a couple days.  This surgery is a *major* event, and we've already been told multiple times that babies get sicker for the first few days afterwards. (Somebody remind me of that when I'm freaking out about how she's doing 24 hours post-op.)  With that in mind, here are a few prayer requests:

  • We would like Bonnie's blood pressure to become more stable.  This has been an ongoing struggle from day one.
  • We'd like to see her urine output increase in a big way so that she can de-puff.  (And also to prove that her kidneys are working again after taking a little ECMO break.)
  • Please pray that her blood gases remain good.  Her particular challenge is her CO2 levels.  Her oxygen levels have been stellar, for the most part.
  • We would love for her to be able to wean down from the jet ventilator to the conventional vent by surgery day.  If not, we need her to be on the lowest settings she can handle on the jet.  This is so that, in the time following her repair (when everyone says she'll get "sicker"), they'll be able to increase her ventilator support if needed. I.e., if she's already maxed out on her ventilator settings when she goes to surgery, there won't be any more options to help her out.
  • In general, please pray that God would prepare her little body to handle this surgery.  It's a major surgery, and she's still a very sick baby.
We truly thank you for all the prayers you've lifted up for Bonnie.  I honestly believe that's how she got off ECMO.  God is good.

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