Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pictures of Bee

I figured now would be a good time show off some pictures of our little gal.  This requires quite the foray into Technology for me--but I think I managed to figure out our scanner.  Here are some ultrasound pictures of Bee, starting at the 13 week scan.
Cute, eh?  This is at 13 weeks.  Four weeks before this she was just a little gummy bear.

These next few are from our gender ultrasound. I'll refrain from posting the money shot. She *is* a lady, after all.

From left to right, we have head, torso, and an apparent absence of legs.  They're somewhere in there, I promise.

And these are from 21 weeks--about a week ago. 

That's her right hand covering her face. Aww...

And there's that sweet face! Hi Baby!  (Looks nothing like Henry did at this stage, in my opinion.)

As the label would suggest, this is her Right Foot.

So there you have it. If there's an upside to all this, it's that we will get to see baby Bee lots and lots over the next few months.


  1. Such precious pictures :) Leslie, your whole family is in Nathaniel's and my prayers and thoughts! I said a little prayer just now when I saw that sweet baby hand covering her face.

  2. Hi Leslie! So many thoughts and prayers for your family. We are chugging right along next to you and, though I wouldn't wish this on anybody, it's nice to have other CDH mommies to keep up with! I will be following along and thinking of y'all often!

    1. Just found your blog. I'm praying that Bee will be a survivor like my granddaughter. She is almost 17 months old and is doing great. I follow several CDH blogs. The one that gave me hope while my daughter was pregnant is I also found these other 2 great blogs of survivors- and www./
      Look at the recent posts first so that you can see how beautiful and healthy these girls are. We always believed that my granddaughter would be a CDH survivor and that she would come home.