Monday, February 13, 2012

Hearts, Lungs, and Ratios

Got a call today from the maternal fetal medicine office letting me know that the fetal echo is scheduled for next Friday, February 24th.  So almost two weeks until we can see our girl again (which is kind of weird to say since I'm toting her around constantly, feeling her move, etc).  Until then, we'll be thinking lots of happy cardiac thoughts.  Thoughts of and prayers for four perfect little chambers doing their thang.  In addition to looking for anatomical issues, we'll (I think) also be looking to make sure all that extra stuff (stomach, intestines) in her chest isn't making Bee's heart work harder than it should be.  That could lead to bad things that I don't want to go into unless it's actually happening.

This other little tidbit is something I've been debating about even sharing here, but the geeky scientist wannabe part of me was pretty excited when I heard it, so...There's a bit (maybe a lot?) of controversy about how much this means, but there's something called the lung to head ratio that can help predict how good of an outcome a CDH baby will have.  (There are also a bunch of other factors that come into play, many of which aren't apparent until baby's actually born.)  Anyway, in this case, higher numbers are a good thing, because it means there's more lung tissue, or at least more lung *space* in the chest.  This is good, because bigger lungs=easier for baby to breathe.  More or less.   So, from what I've read, anything over about 1.4 to 1.6 is great, and has something like an 85% survival rate (National average is around a 50% survival rate. Scary, I know.).  Well, according to the sweet genetic counselor who called this afternoon, Bee's number at the moment is....1.8!!!  I almost cried when she told me.  I don't know how much that number can change over the course of the pregnancy, and like I said, there's some controversy as to how much it really means.  BUT, all that being said, thank you Lord for a 1.8.  Let's pray that it stays at least that high.


  1. Leslie:

    Good luck to you and Bee on this journey. I found your blog through baby Jude's. His mom, Rose, was put in contact with me during her pregnancy because I had a CDH baby along with a toddler at home, which is also her situtation. I am on facebook as well, so feel free to seek me out if you have ANY questions or need someone who has "been there". Literally.

    Janna Caravia
    Mom to Garrett - CDH Survivor Born 4/20/11

  2. Hooray for a 1.8!! It is ok to rejoice even if you are not sure how much this number means...good news is good news!!!
    Love to you and your litte Bee. :)

  3. 1.8!!!! so amazing and exciting! We are holding you up in prayers.