Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bee's First Toy

I have some of the best coworkers.  Seriously.  Someday I will write an entire post on my precious friend Sarah, a fellow nurse practitioner with whom I share an office.  At this point, she knows as much about diaphragmatic hernias as I do, and is even following along with other blogs of CDH fighters (Hi Jude! Hi Parker! Hi Killian!).

This post, though, is about Miss Anne.  (Whether she's technically Miss or Mrs. doesn't matter. We're in the South, you know.)  She works at the other end of a very long hallway in a different specialty, but I see her in the break room sometimes.  We've had a handful of brief conversations, usually while I'm filling up my giant and rarely washed (don't judge) water bottle.  Anyway, from the moment my coworkers found out about Bee's condition, the consensus was that I needed to talk to Miss Anne and get on her prayer list.  I've been meaning to seek her out, but as it happens, I didn't have to.

I finished with my first patient of the day and walked into the nurse's station, where I encountered a beaming Miss Anne holding a stuffed kangaroo.  She grabs my hand and we head to an empty exam room.  She tells me that she is a prayer warrior (which I'd already heard from several people) and explains that her church has a prayer ministry where they pray for--I'm not sure, I'm guessing all sorts of people.  But included on their list now is Bee.  I'm probably butchering the explanation she gave me, but here's my attempt: They get stuffed animals (a kangaroo, in this case) and pray over them as if the stuffed critter is the person they're praying *for*.  Because, you know, Bee's a little unavailable at the moment.  Miracles have happened, she tells me.  God is NOT dead, she tells me.  He can heal your baby.  Amen.  Miss Anne then gives me a giant hug and hands me what I will now cherish as Bee's first toy. A kangaroo.  Also a tangible reminder that we have Miss Anne and her whole church praying for us.

See? Best coworkers ever.


  1. I LOVE this post. Thank you for sharing. What a special gift!
    Prayers lifted daily for Bee!

  2. Leslie, I just found your blog on baby Killian's. You'll see, it's like we're all part of this big CDH family and these blogs, well, they help to inform and connect each of us. I want you to know that I am praying for you and your sweet child. I too have been on this journey and I'm happy to say I'm blessed with a gorgeous son who might take his first steps any day! Stay strong and stay positive!
    Lisa, Ramsey's mom LCDH survivor, born 1-12-11

  3. I will be following along in this journey with you praying along the way. My husband and I found out 10 weeks ago that our little girl also has CDH. If you would like to follow us along too you are more than welcome at rhondaandjasonholtrop.blogspot.com. We will be praying you in all of this too!!!