Thursday, August 16, 2012

Itsy bitsy update.

Just a quick update to let everybody know that Bonnie had a much better day today.  All her various tests yesterday came back normal and they started feeding her again through her NG tube today.  They stopped fortifying her milk (they'd been adding powdered formula to the breastmilk to increase calories so she'd gain weight), in case it was the formula making her sick.  Henry was allergic to milk protein as a baby so that's very possible.  Anyway, so far so good today with Bonnie--no throwing up, and she got some good rest.  Onward to bigger and better things.

#378 in the "Bonnie sleeping" series

And in other news, Bonnie's CDH buddy Parker got to go home today!  So excited for this little guy and his family.  God is good.


  1. Yay! Praising God for a much better day! God bless beautiful Bonnie.

  2. She just gets more and more beautiful every time I see her. So glad she had a better day!

  3. She is so special, Leslie. So glad that today was a better day. She is still in our prayers each night. (Next time I see you in there, I'd love to go over to her bed with you.) Go, Bonnie!

  4. So curious...Jacob tested positive for a milk allergy and had horrible throwing up issues but they NEVER said we could just take him off the fortifier. So my question is how are they going to increase her calorie intake? Are they worried about her burning extra calories with working harder to breathe? That's the big thing with Jacob. We tried soy formula but that caused terrible diarrhea and we didn't try any hypoallergenic formulas because they don't taste very good and it was hard enough to get him to eat the soy milk. He wasn't having any reactions on my breastmilk alone, and I'm sorry we never went with just that when he was having such a terrible time. Would love to hear what options Bonnie's doctors are proposing!

    I'm so happy for you guys! I'm glad she is doing so well!