Sunday, October 7, 2012

Heading back to Charleston!

Just a quick update to let y'all know we're heading back to Charleston tomorrow for Bonnie's G tube surgery.  This will replace (what I've come to know as) that super annoying NG tube.  We had really high hopes that she would miraculously learn to eat by mouth once we left the NICU, but alas, that has not happened.  I'm convinced that at least part of the problem is that her formula tastes like poison.  She's on Neocate, which is what's known as an "elemental" formula because it's super super broken down.  Really.  If you read the ingredients, it goes like this: some form of carbohydrate, some form of fat, (then the biochemistry lesson begins) arginine, alanine, isoleucine, valine, etc etc etc.  Yeah.  Individual amino acids.  How could that possibly taste good?  Turns out it doesn't. (And if you remember this post about how I licked my child to find out if she was salty, it shouldn't surprise you that I tasted it.)  I feel sorry for Bonnie that that's her option of something to eat.  Poor gal.  So yeah, in addition to her gagging and weak suck, she is absolutely not a fan of Neocate.  All that to say, the G tube has become a necessity.  Much safer, more stable, less obvious.  The downside is that it requires surgery, which is what's happening on Tuesday.  

We would love it if you would pray with us for a safe and successful surgery.  Now that Bonnie's been home for a month, the thought of her going back to the hospital and having all the hospital "stuff" going on again (IV, pain meds, monitors) doesn't excite me.  

Here are a couple recent pictures :)

My sweet little nugget.

Heading to school on a rainy day.

Henry giving Bonnie a kiss.  They love each other.


  1. Hi Leslie, thinking of you guys for tomorrow. I can sure understand how it is extra hard to think of going back to hospital land when you only just recently escaped. The super-suckiest part is when they take your baby out of your arms and off to the OR. But it will be done quickly and then you can take that sweet baby girl home again. She is just so beautiful.
    Samuel's mama

  2. Just wanted to drop you a note! I have been following you all for a while but am not good at leaving comments! Hope she is doing well and getting used to g-button land! It is really amazing to me how similar Anya's course was to Bonnie's: they were diagnosed, born, discharged within weeks of the same date, and were on ecmo a similar amount of time